CmdEasy Web

Welcome to CmdEasy Web

Run windows commands directly from browser

Please follow the below steps to start using the application.

  • Install CmdEasy 3.0 or greater. Click here to navigate to the CmdEasy page.
  • Click the Connect button from the CmdEasy Web page.
  • Complete the Recaptcha and click Submit.
  • Click Open CmdEasyService on the popup to connect to the CmdEasy service.
  • Once the connection is successful, the prompt will be available to execute the commands.
  • Apart from the regular Windows commands, you can also configure easy-to-remember custom commands in CmdEasy Desktop to execute them from the web. Check the CmdEasy documentation for the creation of custom commands.
  • Both CmdEasy Web and CmdEasy are built for your daily needs. For more details click on Help.
  • The CmdEasy Web is 100% safe to use. No data is sent to the remote server and is completely safe and secure.

For better performance do not execute long-running commands from CmdEasy web. Instead use CmdEasy desktop app.