Socialite - What are the known behaviors/issues and their solutions?

  • I am not able to bring the Facebook login page on Pinterest.

               In some scenarios, the Facebook login screen is not activated in Pinterest. 

               The solution is to go to the Facebook app in Socialite and log in first. 

               Then go back to the Pinterest app, go to login and then click on Facebook.

  • Not able to log in to Twitter using the same email ID for Google and Apple Social logins.

              The solution is to use different email IDs for login.

  • If you don’t log in to YouTube, some of the pill buttons won't work as expected.

              The solution is to log in to the YouTube app and the pills button would be working as expected.

  • For some of the social apps, copy and paste images is not working in the chat section.

              Use the Add image/video attachment option. This will be fixed in the coming releases.

  • Signup for some of the apps won't work as expected.

            The solution is to go to Chrome/Edge browser, complete the signup process .

            Then go to Socialite app and log in to the social app.

If the social logins are not working , Go to clear browsing history settings and clear the history.

Then close and open the Socialite App.