CmdEasy - How to open a shortcut through a custom command?

  • Open CmdEasy.
  • The easiest way is to drag and drop any shortcut file to the CmdEasy command configuration
  • Another approach is to open up the command editor through the toolbar Add/Edit custom commands option  and manually add the Name, Alias, and Path for the shortcut file.
  • Another approach is to select the shortcut file through the option    and add it to the command configuration.
  • By default, the CmdEasy adds a random name and alias to any command that is added to the configuration. You can change the Name, Alias, and Path of your choice at any time. Make sure that the Path value entered is a valid path.
  • In the command terminal, type the Alias field value to open the shortcut or click on  from the toolbar to insert to the terminal. You can also right-click on the custom command to open the context menu and select the insert to terminal option.


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